Peter King explains why NFL teams should still pursue Antonio Brown

Longtime NFL writer joined The Fan Morning Show to discuss

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- He hasn’t played since Week 2 of 2019.

He hasn’t tweeted since September 24th.

His NFL suspension is eligible to end after Week 8 and according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, multiple teams are interested in signing him, including the Seattle Seahawks.

But should any team want to take the chance on him? NBC Sports columnist Peter King joined The Fan Morning Show on Thursday and gave the case.

“I look at one decision that was made and one decision that could be made. The one decision that was made is Tua Tagovailoa getting the quarterback job over Ryan Fitzpatrick in Miami. That to me is Brian Flores saying, ‘Look, I know what we are with Ryan Fitzpatrick. I think we can scratch and claw and fight to 9-7 and maybe be the 7th team in the playoffs.
But, I do think there’s a ceiling with Fitzpatrick so I’m going to go with a guy, and there’s no guarantee in this, but I’m going to go with a guy who we think could actually maybe make a difference in some games.’

The head coach knows his team. Now conversely, in Seattle, you don’t have Antonio Brown yet. But you look at your offense and you say, ‘Well, don’t you have enough offense with Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf?’ DK Metcalf could be an All-Pro receiver multiple times in his career. He is a great, great player. So why would you do this?

You do it because when Antonio Brown was finished, his last game in Pittsburgh was 14 catches, 192 yards, 2 touchdowns on the road in New Orleans. You have a guy who you can say to him, ‘Listen. You have two strikes against you. You’re facing Mariano Rivera and you can’t afford to take strike three. And if you do, you’re not going to be here.’ You shape your contract that way and he’s got to shut up and be relatively perfect. As soon as he isn’t you get rid of him.”

Along with that sentiment, Peter also provide this on Seattle in particular.

“The Seahawks have always been willing to take the difficult player. Always. So to me, I look at them and I say I think they might do this and I think they would like to do this, but only if there are huge guardrails put in place.”

Oh, and one other nugget…would the Ravens be willing to take that same risk?

“Yes. I think they would. I think you’ll see the Ravens go get a receiver before the trading deadline.”