Pirates finally tearing it down the right way

The Fan Morning Show reacts to the Joe Musgrove trade & more
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Musgrove delivers a pitch against the Chicago White Sox during the first inning at PNC Park. Photo credit Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Pending passing physicals, the Pirates are on the verge of trading yet another player at the Major League level for a package of prospects the other way.

The Pirates, Padres and Mets are involved in a trade that would send Joe Musgrove to his hometown San Diego, Joey Lucchesi to the Mets and five prospects to the Pirates including the Padres’ 7th best prospect in centerfielder Hudson Head, pitchers David Bednar, Omar Cruz and Drake Fellows along with switch hitting catching prospect Endy Rodriguez from the Mets.

Colin Dunlap and Jim Colony reacted to the move on The Fan Morning Show Tuesday and said that while it’s painful now, this is the process that needs to take place, and really should have been taking place much sooner.

“Ben Cherington took his job in November of 2019. Ben Cherington, it’s been proven by what he did with Bell and what he’s now doing with Musgrove and what I hope he does with Adam Frazier in the next few days…he’s doing something Neal Huntington never did.

He’s burning it and tearing it all the way down. Ben Cherington is fixing the street, but he’s closing it. Neal Huntington attempted to try to fix the street, and all the while he kept traffic open as the workers tried to work on the road, there’s traffic coming through.

Neal Huntington tried to live in both worlds. He tried to win baseball games as he was trying to make trades and you can never do that.
Strip it all the way down.”

The guys agree that in the short term, this Pirates team may just stink. But this is the only way this rebuild is going to work. Start over, use prospects, and hopefully you get some to develop into stars.

“I want to see young guys play. I want to see guys that are 26, 25 and under. Put Cole Tucker in there. I don’t know what ‘rushing’ means now without any minor leagues (last year) and then not as many minor league teams now as there used to be. It may be tough to develop these guys.

I don’t want to see the Pirates prospect list and here’s so-and-so as their 4th-best prospect and the guy’s 26 years old. No! 26 is not a prospect. If you want to have a guy like Erik Gonzalez on your roster, OK. I don’t want him to be an everyday player. I want him to be a Sunday guy. One of those ‘Thursday afternoon after three straight night games’ guys.”

Colin and Jim also said that now might be the time to not necessarily “rush” prospects to the Majors, but be aggressive in pushing them through toward the Major League level.

Jim added, “There are some guys that might get ruined by that. But there are other guys that might not. I would like to take a chance on a guy that might not get ruined and throw a little bit at him. If he gets overwhelmed by Major League pitching every now and again, OK. But how else are you going to learn?”

Colin concluded with: “Ben Cherington didn’t find this boat that’s half-floating over by PNC Park and said, ‘We’re going to polish this up.’ He said, ‘You know what, sink it. Just sink it. We’re buying a new boat. We’re going to have to build it and it’s going to take some time. I’m on board with it. That’s the plan. There is no reclamation project. The plan is to start all anew.”