Pirates' Scoreboard Operator Has Some Fun During Rain Delay


Pittsburgh Pirates fans usually get excited when baseballs rain into the Allegheny River, whether they're watching from their TV, from inside PNC Park or, for the especially lucky ones, from their boats in the river itself. However, all three groups of Pirates fans get a lot less excited when it's actual rain coming down in the Allegheny.

It also seems fairly obvious that someone in a boat on the Allegheny would know if the rain was so bad that it caused a delay in a Pirates game, but without fans in PNC Park due to the coronavirus pandemic, someone had to be informed about the game's weather update.

Who better to relay the info to than the poor boater who was looking to snag some Josh Bell -- or Colin Moran, rather, as Bell got the day off -- home runs?

One of the benefits of this coronavirus-impacted season are quirky little moments like this one, along with various funny cardboard cutouts in the stands and never-before-seen celebrations.

Or, again in the case of the Pirates, the first socially distant argument, courtesy of skipper Derek Shelton earlier in the season.

What a weird, weird year.

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