OPINION: NFL Insider John Clayton Calls Replacing Devin Bush 'Impossible'

Clayton Tells The PM Team What Options The Steelers Have

NFL Insider John Clayton joined The PM Team with Andrew Fillipponi and Chris Mueller for his weekly segment, every Wednesday at 3pm.

This week the opening topic with John was an easy one, how will the Steelers try to replace Devin Bush after losing him for the season after tearing his ACL?

"It's not much on the street,' Clayton said about their options on the free agent market. "To replace him is going to be impossible because he's that good. You're talking about a top 10 talent."

What about the trade market though? Could John see them being active on that front to find a replacement at middle linebacker?

"The way I look at it now, and I call it the league more so than I've ever seen of haves and have nots. This year you have 10 teams with one win or less and last year at this time there was eight, so you have to start looking at those teams and how many of them are 3-4 defenses that can kind of give you that inside linebacker look."

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