JuJu: Claypool steals his snacks, uno cards in budding friendship

The two wide receivers live in the same apartment complex

It sounds like a great idea for a sitcom. Two NFL teammates, playing the same position, live in the same building, one just above the other.

That’s the situation with JuJu Smith-Schuster and rookie Chase Claypool.

On Wednesday, Smith-Schuster said that Claypool live right above him and they get to spend a lot of time together.

“So he comes down pretty often, eats dinner, takes all my snacks, my Uno cards, play video games . . . I would say our connection is very, very strong right there,” said Smith-Schuster.

“I don’t have that many snacks and everyone on the team knows JuJu has the best snacks. I think they may be imported from California," said Claypool. “I ask about cool things like TikTok, social media sponsorships, all of that stuff. And I can just walk downstairs to talk to him about that stuff.”

While some people continue to make the lack of production from Smith-Schuster an issue along with speculating about dissention among his fellow receivers, the 23-year-old continues to bond and have fun.

“For me it’s more so, I’m happy being 5-0.”

Smith Schuster says people come up to him and complain he isn’t doing enough for racking up enough fantasy points for them.

“I’d rather have 2 points and be 5-0 than be 1-4 and have 25 fantasy points,” said Smith-Schuster.

Claypool says JuJu also helps him on the field.

"Last game was an example of having weapons across the field looks like. I was expecting to get doubled at some point of the game with the safety over top. I didn't really see that because JuJu was on the other side of the field for a lot of those plays. They were focusing on him. It opens things up for sure."