Seth Meyers: 'I'm happy for Cleveland is the lie I'm going to tell myself today'

The diehard Steelers fan addressed the embarrassing loss on his 'Late Night' show

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers is a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He has led the Terrible Towel wave at Heinz Field in the past and is such a big fan, he took some time on his show Tuesday night to address the loss.

Trying to take away something positive from the season, Meyers says the team starting 11-0 gave him “something “upbeat and positive to focus on” in the fall.

But unfortunately, us Steelers fans, we’re only happy with a Super Bowl title because we are as a whole irrational, spoiled people,” said Meyers. “We’ve just had so much go right for us over the years.”

Meyers added that Browns fans are just as passionate as Steelers fans and have had to endure decades of losing but don’t think he’s putting on orange and brown this Sunday.

“They live on Lake Erie, so it’s probably really cold there right now with the wind chill, at least I hope it is.” Said Meyers. “I hope it’s so bitterly cold today that if two neighbors who’ve never had a playoff win to talk about try to chat about it outside, the wind is so cold it makes their skin feel like it’s burning and they have to go back inside.”

To feel some sort of joy, Meyers called his friend Doug who lives in Cleveland and told him how happy his son Leo was that the Browns won.

“When I heard that, I thought I’m happy for Cleveland, is the lie I’m going to tell myself today.”

While Meyers grew up in New Hampshire, his father grew up in Pittsburgh instilling that love for the Steelers and the city in his children.