NFL analyst says Big Ben not a top 10 QB


Another day, another disrespected Steeler.

On Wednesday, ESPN failed to put Chase Claypool on their list of top 10 rookies so far this season, even though he leads all rookie wide receivers in touchdowns.

On Thursday, NFL analyst Chris Simms released his top 10 QBs so far this season and guess who wasn’t on it, Ben Roethlisberger.

Simms has Patrick Mahomes, Arron Rodger and Russell Wilson as his 1-3, and understandably so but from there things start to get a little ridiculous.

Four of the quarterbacks (#6 Deshaun Watson, #7 Lamar Jackson, #9 Joe Burrow and #10 Ryan Tannehill) are all QBs that Roethlisberger had beaten this season.

In nine games since season, after coming back from major elbow surgery last year, Ben has thrown for 2267 yards with 22 touchdowns and only four interceptions (at least two were not entirely his fault).

Compare that to someone like Jackson who has 1,762 yards with 14 touchdowns and five interceptions and Tannehill who also has less yards than Roethlisberger with 2,128, 20 touchdowns and one less pick with three.

So while he may not even be in a top five, Roethlisberger is definitely in the top 10.

On Thursday, Steelers offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner said that Big Ben deserves to be in the MVP conversation.

“He’s playing real solid, good football,” said Fichtner. “I would think Comeback Player of the Year, I would think MVP, I would think AFC Player of the Weeks, Months maybe . . . I just see an excitement out of him that’s really refreshing.

In his 17-year career, Roethlisberger has never received one MVP vote.