Tomlin says Steelers go above and beyond to stay healthy

No new positive tests on Sunday
Steelers practicing
Bud Dupree at practice Photo credit Karl Roser/Pittsburgh Steelers

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said they have gone above and beyond from day zero as they now prepare to play the Ravens game on Tuesday night at Heinz Field, noting they had no new positive tests on Sunday.

Steelers held what they called a “Friday practice”  on Sunday to try and keep in the routine of playing on a normal Sunday on Tuesday.

“Our players have enjoyed the three days rest,” Tomlin said.  “There was a lot of energy at practice today.  I really think it could be a positive thing if we make it that.  I know that is our intensions.”

“You gotta roll with it,” said defensive captain Cam Heyward.  “If you get stuck in the mud and get thinking it has to be this way, you are preparing yourself for failure.”

“We understand there are a lot of things going on.  We understand we can’t be perfect in this situation.  The pandemic is not going to allow anyone to be perfect.  We have to be willing to adjust, make things happen on the fly and be ready to play when we get the opportunity to.”

Heyward said it’s a good reminder to his teammates that this can be taken away easily.

“This is just a chapter in our book,” Heyward said.  “For this group we just keep rolling with it.  We understand every team is going through something like this, not to this extent.  We have to be ready for any situation.  Coaches have laid out the plan and we have to follow it.”

Is what has transpired with his team, the Ravens and across football been a wake-up call to the coaches?

“We don’t need cautionary tales, we are living this every day,” Tomlin said.  “We’ve been tested daily since July 20th.  We listen to all of the protocols and memos delivered to us from New York.  We have taken this very seriously.  It’s just confirmation of what we already know.”

Tomlin said they don’t do anything different to avoid a situation like the Broncos where all of their quarterbacks are ruled out, they just follow the rules.

“We keep people separate,” Tomlin said.  “We work virtually.  We meet virtually.  We work our tails off to social distance so we are not caught up in such circumstances.”

Per his normal speech, Tomlin is not allowing for any excuses.

“We don’t care where we play,” Heyward said.  “We don’t care how it’s played.  We just want to play.”