Tomlin says ‘unacceptbable’ Steelers win

Steelers head coach frustrated with way they played in victory over Ravens

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – There are often times coaches claim to be misquoted or have things taken out of context. Such is not the case Wednesday evening as Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin had the following assessment of his team’s VICTORY against Baltimore, 19-14.

“To be bluntly honest man, I’m really disappointed in our performance tonight,” Tomlin said.  “We did enough to win but that’s all.  It was really junior varsity to be quite honest with you and it was in all three phases.”

“We couldn’t run the ball effectively when we needed to.  We dropped too many significant passes, very catchable, makeable passes.  We didn’t make significant plays in the special teams game.”

“Our kickoff coverage unit wasn’t good enough.  We turned the damn ball over.  We gave up big plays in critical moments on defense, can’t have it.  They converted a long run on a possession down before the half, unacceptable.  They had a 70-yard touchdown late in the game, unacceptable.”

“We are fortunate tonight.  It was good to proceed with a victory, I acknowledge that, but not a lot other happened tonight to be proud of or be excited about other than that.”

So how did it happen?

“It was bad for all parties involved, coaches first, players second,” Tomlin said

Did the changing schedule contribute to it?

“We make no excuses,” Tomlin said.  “We seek no comfort.  We didn’t play well or coach well tonight.”

You had some red zone failures and a number of dropped passes.  What do you attribute that to?

“Us sucking!” Tomlin said.

Will it be hard to fix?

“We don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” Tomlin said.  “It’s not some transformational thing that needs to transpire.  We got to coach better and play better when we get inside a bowl.  So I expect our group to do that on Monday night or Monday evening or whenever it is we play.”

Steelers scheduled to have Thursday off and get back to practice Friday.  With rest needed, likely Tomlin won’t put his team through a practice he would really want to put his team through.