Man with with dementia gets emotional after receiving Claypool jersey

A 76-year-old man says he doesn't remember every game but always remembers when the Steelers win

Steelers receiver Chase Claypool mailed a jersey to a 76-year-old Steelers fan dealing with Dementia after the man’s son asked for some Steelers to send some gear so his dad could remember who played on the team.

In an updated, emotional video the dad, known as Jimmy, holds back tears as he reads the message Claypool inscribed on the #11 jersey.

“Jimmy thank you for being a lifelong Steeler fan, from Chase, Steeler Nation,” said Jimmy. “Man, thank you guys I love you,” he said to his family.

“I’m overwhelmed you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you, number 11,” added Jimmy.” You know I watch you guys play; I still watch you play. Can’t remember all that goes on yet, can’t remember all that goes on yet but by God I remember what goes on when you win.”

The son adds that his dad will be wearing the jersey to church on Sunday adding, “Thank you for blessing my daddy!”

“He is my best friend in the whole world and is the biggest Steeler fan in the world,” the son said in the original video.

Through six games, Claypool has 18 receptions for 333 yards.
He has four receiving touchdowns and two rushing.