Utah Jazz Used 60 Percent of Oklahoma's Coronavirus Test Kits


The NBA’s considerable clout was reportedly a key factor in the rapid and comprehensive response after a Utah Jazz player tested positive for the coronavirus.

Jazz star Rudy Gobert’s preliminary positive test on Wednesday afternoon set off a flurry of testing scarcely seen during the US response to the pandemic, according to the Daily Beast.

While many Americans and healthcare professionals have been frustrated by the lack of available testing, the Oklahoma Department of Health dispatched a “team” of specialists to test the Jazz and several reporters covering the team, the report said.

One of those reporters, Sarah Todd of the Deseret News, spoke to "Scal and Pals" about the surreal situation.

In all, 58 tests were used in the Jazz incident, at a time when Oklahoma was using about 100 tests per day, with a total of 300 on hand, according to Health Commissioner Gary Cox.

The NBA is expected to continue with aggressive testing. Thunder players were expected to be tested and self-quarantined for 24 hours after taking the floor for Wednesday’s game before it was postponed. Several other teams that played the Jazz in recent days were also expected to be tested, availability of kits permitting.

On Friday, US President Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency.