With no restrictions on fans, still no word on how Heinz Field will move forward

Gov. Wolf says there are no current restrictions after judges ruling

Governor Tom Wolf is admitting that schools can determine how many fans are in stands for sporting events, including football, for now.

“They can make any decision, the only on that court overruled was the number, 250 as a maximum,” Wolf said.

A federal court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to limit the number of people that can gather at events.

“I’m not a lawyer, but since the stay was turned down it sounds like at least for the moment, I guess, that court ruling stands.”

The Wolf administration is appealing the decision and continues to warn that the larger the crowd, the more likely coronavirus will spread.

“You ought to be careful when you get together and if you get together in bigger and bigger numbers, you’re leaving yourself open to bigger and bigger likelihood that you’re going to catch the disease,” said Wolf.

Even with relaxed crowd restrictions in the state, Wolf says that many people are still following guidelines and it doesn’t appear there were many issues over the past weekend.

After the ruling, schools like Karns City and Butler had fans in the stands this past Friday night for high school football.

In a statement, Pitt Athletics tells 93.7 The Fan, “Communication continues among all pertinent entities.”