Let's ride! Bike MS is different this year, but I'm going to ride

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By The New 94.1 The Sound

I'm riding in Bike MS this year, only it's a bit different from past years. 

For one thing, there's not going to be a huge swarm of cyclists blasting down the road together. That's not good social distancing. 

This year, they've renamed the event Bike MS: Inside Out. It's a virtual ride, meaning you can support the cause of fighting Multiple Sclerosis from the comfort of home. (Check out some options here.) Or you can ride on September 26, wherever you want, and however far you want, and if you want to raise money for the cause, they'll be grateful for whatever you can kick in. 

Or you can stay home and just support me! I'm going to ride 50 miles on September 26, and I'm trying to raise a modest $2000. That seems pretty doable.

Here's the link to my donation page.

I've done this ride in the past and I really like it, for a couple of reasons.

First, I'm not a super hard core cyclist, but I love it, and since my usual casual weekday rides top out at 15 or 20 miles, committing to a 50-mile ride is a prtty big deal for me. Or at least it's a big challenge, and out of my comfort zone. In other words, if you kick in a few bucks to support me, I'll feel like I'll have to will myself to go the distance because people have paid for me to go the distance.

And second, I have a close family friend who's been living with MS for more than ten years, and I've seen what it can do. If I can help in some small way to work toward conquering the disease, I'm in.

Oh, and I guess the third reason is total vanity -- I'm trying to drop my "Covid 19" from all the excess eating I've been doing since things shut down in March, and it really helps to have a goal or a purpose to aim for. 

Me on a bike

But of course, the bottom line is that whatever money I raise from this will help the cause, which is ultimately eradicating Multiple Sclerosis.

Thanks for whatever contribution you can make -- once again, if you want to donate, here's that link!

(Here's more about MS:)