Where to find last-minute spooky fun around the Sound

The grim reaper
Photo credit Baron Von Hasselblad
By The New 94.1 The Sound

It started with something I saw more than a month ago, on the website Curiocity, about the Stalker Farms Haunted Drive-Through in Snohomish. 

In the midst of a lot of hand-wringing about which Halloween activities would be doable this year due to you-know-what, this seemed like a no-brainer: A spooky setting that you experience from inside your car -- your protective bubble. As the Curiocity story said:

" . . . You’ll rely on traffic security to move you from each ‘scene’. And at each ‘scene’, have your tires secured so that you have to sit through and experience it before heading to the next."

That sounded pretty cool. And then a month later, they added to their list of pandemic-protected Halloween fun with Here Are 5 Halloween Events To Check Out In Seattle. That story suggested the socially-distanced Snohomish Zombie Walk, and The Georgetown Morgue (where you and your 5-member pod take a self-guided tour through this legendary haunted house.)

And if you prefer an adult libation or a spot of tea on a dark and stormy autumn eve, try Navy Strength’s Nightmare of Wall Street, where a "Tiki bar turns into a tropical horror bar with cocktails inspired by classic horror flicks," or Witches Tea at the Hotel Sorrento, where spookily-dressed fun-seekers of all ages can come in from the cold for a hot brew.

Have fun out there, stay safe, and . . . don't forget to vote!