Museums in Seattle and around the Sound are reopening

Inside a museum
Photo credit Serhii Brovko / iStock / Getty Images Plus
By The New 94.1 The Sound

Since things went into lockdown way back in the spring, you've been locked out of museums around here. Even while restaurants and stores and churches opened up again, museums remained dark. 

Well, this week, that will change.

The governor gave the okay for museums to open at 25 percent capacity, so this week -- the first week of September -- the reopenings will begin.

This story on the website Crosscut has the details, but here's the basic news: 

The Crosscut story hints that MoPop is planning for a reopening but they have to revamp a lot of their hands-on exhibits. And museums in Tacoma seem to be waiting a little longer -- The Tacoma Art Museum, The Museum of Glass, Tacoma Children's Museum, and America's Car Museum aren't quite ready yet.

As long as we're enjoying summer-ish weather, there may not be a rush to head back indoors anyway, but soon enough the darkness and the dampness will return and I'm pretty sure we'll all be grateful to have these cultural amenities back. Stay tuned!

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