Seattle Restaurant Week is here, and it's actually a month long!

Dining out
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By The New 94.1 The Sound

It was supposed to happen last spring, but like almost everything that was supposed to happen last spring, it didn't happen. I bet you can guess why.

Nonetheless, Seattle Restaurant Week is here. The good news is that it's not just in Seattle, and it's not just a week. 

In this very strange year, Seattle Restaurant Week is a month long -- it's on now and it runs until November 21. More than 165 restaurants are participating, all over Seattle and in the suburbs, too, from Bellevue to Kent to Everett to Tacoma. 

The idea is that you can enjoy top-notch cuisine at some pretty high-end spots that maybe weren't in your budget, but now they are. You can still get a three-course dinner for $35, and lunch for $20, although some places are actually not limiting themselves to three courses; they're throwing in some extras. 

Oh, and instead of limiting the bargains to the traditional off nights -- Sunday through Thursday -- you get these great deals every night that these restaurants are open.

You can dine in, observing our current pandemic rules for restaurants, or just do what you've been doing for the last six months and order your meal to go.

Many of the restaurants are also doing the Savor Seattle Restaurant Week Pantry Box -- a little package of goodies to enjoy at home. 

Plate Of Nations showcases local restaurants serving global cuisine.

And Give A Meal encourages you to kick in a little extra to support communities in need and the establishments that feed them.

So, although we're all trying to adjust to these strange times, it looks like the restaurant community around the Sound have figured out a way to make great cuisine affordably available to you, and they've also come up with some clever ways to contribute to the greater good.

Here's the website -- enjoy, and bon appetit!