Blue Dogs Found Roaming Near A Closed Chemical Plant

Got the Blues? These dogs do. Photos that were first posted on a Russian social media platform, show a pack of bright blue dogs near a closed chemical factory.

The photos were taken near Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo, a network of chemical factories that closed after going bankrupt in 2015.
The bankruptcy manager of the factory said it was likely because "homeless dogs are running around the area" suggesting "they found some kind of chemical residue — copper sulfate, for example, and rolled in it.”

However didn't seem interested in the responsibility of getting the dogs back to any normal shade of color. “I cannot bear the costs of capturing homeless animals and their sterilization,” he said.

City officials said “According to preliminary visual inspection, the dogs are in satisfactory condition,” and “Specialists will enter the chemical factory grounds and find and examine the animals.” Since then Russian officials have collected the dogs and examined them for any health issues.