My adventure list for this summer

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By 94/7 FM
Here’s my adventure list for this Summer. Enjoy your adventures and afterwards crack yourself open a Pyramid Apricot or Blazing Bright IPA. Find recipes and Pyramid beer finder at Please enjoy responsibly.
  1. Spruce up the backyard!  There’s a lot of weeding, trimming and planting to be done, and a cold beverage will pair nicely with that!
  2. Hit the dog park more often with our Shiba-Inu, Charlie.  Suzanne and I love walking the 20 minutes to and from Happy Valley Park.
  3. Do some grilling!  A bunch of our neighbors have different grills as well, and we’re always trading recipes.
  4. Go on more of the walking/hiking trails in our neighborhood.  Happy Valley is full of them, and we’ve only hit about 10% of them, it feels like.
  5. Spend more time with my son behind the wheel.  Torsten just turned 16 in May (gulp) and in the process of learning to drive.  It’s a chance to show him the ropes and demonstrate how calm I can appear.
  6. Plan to enjoy a Pyramid during 94/7’s Instagram Happy Hours!
  7. Since my gym is closed I’ve picked up running. I plan on scoping out new running paths and will enjoy a cold beer after my runs.
  8. Playing family games outside such as badminton, corn hole, water gun battles are fun on a hot day, especially with a cold brew!
  9. “Social distancing” get togethers in our front driveway.  Set up some folding chairs and hang out on a sunny day and neighbors walk by and join us (at a distance)!
  10. Playing different games with family, everything from “Sorry” to “Trivial Pursuit” to different card games go well with some liquid libation!

No matter what's on your Top 10 list... you're bound to be thirsty as you start checking them off your list.  That's when you celebrate your adventure with your favorite Pyramid brew!  There's a flavor for everyone... and every adventure!