Passport Approved Playlist

Passport Approved
By 94/7 FM

TRIBE FRIDAY – “Talk So Loud” (Unsigned, Sweden) 2:27TEMPLES – “You’re Either On Something” (ATO Records, UK) 3:47JAMES GILLESPIE – “Mad World” (AWAL, UK) 2:59BONGLOARD – “I Want It Now” (Unsigned, Holland) 3:20SOPHIE & THE GIANTS – “Runaway” (Unsigned, UK) 3:19LUNA BAY – “All In (Featuring Vera Kebbe) (Unsigned, UK) 3:07BLANKS – “Bittersweet” (Unsigned, Holland) 2:44LARKINS – “Hit And Run” (Good Soldier Songs, UK) 2:51SEA GIRLS – “Ready For More” (Polydor, UK) 3:36MIA RODRIGUEZ – “Emotion” (City Pop Records, Australia) 3:36STEREOTIDE – “Find Someone” (Unsigned, Germany) 3:18THE PALE WHITE – “Swim For Your Life” (Unsigned, UK) 4:23GOLD MEMBER – “Stay On” (Sureshaker Music, Australia) 3:37*THE MOVING STILLS – “Stick Around” (Unsigned, Australia) 3:18*LILY MOORE – “Better Than Me” (Virgin EMI, UK) 3:45*STATE LIGHTS – “Open Your Arms” (Unsigned, Ireland) 3:20*ÄTNA – “Made By Desire” (Humming Records, Germany) 3:17DEVON – “I Don’t Want 2 B Ur Friend” (Universal, UK) 2:10BENEE – “Find An Island” (Universal, New Zealand) 3:13LONGFELLOW – “Gabrielle” (Unsigned, UK) 3:41BRANDON JACK AND THE ARTIFACTS – “Modern Day Distractions” (Sureshaker, Australia) 2:57THE VICES – Sly Smiled Berlin Child” (Unsigned, Holland) 3:04THE BONGO CLUB – “No Expectations” (The Bank, Sweden) 3:02IVY FLINDT – “When You’re Not Around” (Unsigned, Germany) 3:42MARSICANS – “Can I Stay Here Forever” (LAB Records, UK) 3:18SPACEY JANE – “Good For You” (Unsigned, Australia) 2:55THE RUBENS – “Live In Life” (Ivy League Records, Australia) 3:36KAKKMADDAFAKKA – “Baby” (Bergen Mafia Records/Bubbles Records, Norway) 3:20FOREST BLAKK – “Put Your Hands Up” (Warner Music, Canada) 3:11KYTES – “Go Out” (Frisbee Records, Germany) 2:34*THE VELVET HANDS – “This Feeling” (Jam X Records, UK) 2:32*WAITING FOR SMITH – “Trade It In” (Four One Seven Records, UK) 3:28*SLØTFACE – “Sink Or Swim” (Propeller Recordings, Norway) 4:22