Matthew McConaughey Details Near-Death Experience With Venomous Snake


Matthew McConaughey got into a terrifying experience that almost didn’t turn out alright, alright, alright!

The Oscar winner has opened up about coming across a deadly snake back when he was an exchange student living in the outskirts of Sydney, Australia during the 1980s, reported E! News.

“When I was here, I almost stepped on one. I should have been bitten.” the 50-year-old said during an interview on “Today Show Australia.”

He was at a friend’s house getting something from a shed when he came across the scary serpent.

“It was a bit dark. It went right through my legs and gave me a bit of a scare,” he said.

“My friend came over and they caught it and said, "That's a brown snake, mate... that could have really sucked."

The brown snake, native to Australia, is considered one of the most venomous snakes in the world. If bitten and untreated, its venom can cause renal failure, paralysis and cardiac arrest.

Despite his near-death encounter, the “Dallas Buyers Club” star still has an affinity for the brown snake.

“It’s my favorite animal, because it didn't bite me!” he said jokingly.

McConaughey was Down Under to launch his new eco-friendly cabin that can be rented out for $150 a night.

Entitled The Reserve, the father of three helped design the project in an effort to get more people to reconnect with nature while also protecting the environment.

"There's real value to one living in a small space," McConaughey said. "We have to be reminded sometimes to get out in nature and go, ‘Oh, yeah, I'm number two.' And I think everyone could use a little bit more of that." Just watch for the snakes!

Fans can next see the actor on the big screen when the action thriller “The Gentlemen,” co-starring Colin Farrell and Charlie Hunnam, hits theaters on January 24th.

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