'Quarantinis' Are Taking Over The Internet

People are getting creative with their cabin fever.
Photo credit iStock / Getty Images Plus

Working from home and social distancing is only fun for so long.

As boredom strikes people across the country, many are opting to get creative with the booze.

Over the weekend, several Twitter users have shared their attempts at what they're calling a "quarantini."

While many are coming up with different recipies (some including Emergen-C), the overarching idea is a cocktail designed to take the edge off as people around the world are confined to their homes or under quarantine due to precautions being taken to combat coronavirus.

Check out some of the drinks below:

But before you decide to try any of these out, it is important to note that while Emergen-C contains vitamins and minerals meant to strengthen the immune system, alcohol can cause dehydration, which can compromise the immune system.

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