All the times singers were upstaged by their children on 'The Disney Holiday Singalong'

They are stars in the making!
Pink and Kerry Washington
Photo credit ABC via Getty Images

Don’t look now, but it’s officially December! That means Christmas is right around the corner and ABC’s The Disney Holiday Singalong special is here to brighten our spirits.

Ryan Seacrest hosted the hour long musical variety show, Monday night. The night featured a cavalcade of popular artists, but some singers weren’t able to keep their kids from stealing the spotlight and upstage mom/dad.

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Pink’s and 9-year-old daughter Willow stood amid beautiful tapestries of holiday joy to sing a classic, The Christmas Song. The singer began with the first few verses, but her daughter stole the show with a beautiful full voice. “And so I’m offering this simple phrase,” she sang with heart. It’s pretty hard to steal the spotlight from Pink, but Willow managed to do it!

Michael Bublé transported fans to his holiday home filled with cookies, presents and a roaring fire. As the singer serenated viewers at home, the sight of his three children stringing popcorn and looking at gifts was too cute to handle. As Michael sang the final line, his entire family joined in on the fun. “Sure, it’s Christmas once more,” they belted out, while one of his sons jumped onto a pile of pine.

Ciara also got her kids involved during a rendition of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” Both Future and Sienna dressed in classic 1950’s garb and performed an adorable dance behind mom while she sang a Christmas classic. Just take a look at Future and those sun glasses. Too cute!

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