You can now smell like Ciara and Russell Wilson's marriage

R&C The Fragrance Duo has landed
Russell Wilson and Ciara
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If you’ve ever wanted to smell extremely famous and good-looking, Ciara and Russell Wilson are graciously providing you the chance to do so.

While spending extra time together at home throughout the pandemic, the famed coupled has created some iconic TikTok moments, delivered a new baby into the world, and developed a new his and her fragrance inspired by their marriage.

“R&C The Fragrance Duo” officially debuted on November 17, in beautifully packaged interwoven, silver chrome bottles. The “C” side is the “hers" side while the “R” side marks the “his” side. The new fragrance’s intertwined packaging is meant to represent Russell and Ciara’s relationship.

Ciara’s side of the bottle features a sweeter scent with hints of jasmine, pink peppercorn, vanilla, and red berries. Whereas Wilson’s side is darker and woodsy with notes of bergamot, lavender, black tea, and patchouli.

The couple worked on the new scents while stay-at-home orders were in place earlier this year. Ciara and Russell collaborated with two perfumers to get the scents into a harmonious balance.

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Prior to the launch of the new fragrance, Wilson explained, “Quarantining with two kids at the time and Ciara being pregnant, you need to find your ways to keep it sexy, keep it fun, and have a great time while doing it.” He adds, "We were able to do that, and I think the whole process of putting this fragrance together and doing it with each other is such a special gift."

Ciara also expressed her sentiments about the fragrance developing process and shared, “It's important for us women to have our signature scent. The clothes that you wear can always leave a mark on people, but there's also something about your scent that people can remember.”

R&C The Fragrance Duo retails at $90 and is now available at Additionally, a portion of all fragrance sales will go to the couple’s non-profit organization, the "Why Not You Foundation," which focuses on uplifting young children in poverty.

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