Anaheim offering $20 million in rental assistance


The City of Anaheim is rolling out its latest rent-relief program with $20 million available from the state and the federal government.

Laurin Gold is a spokesperson with the city of Anaheim and she tells KNX, it's a partnership between landlords and tennants if the landlords will participate, which means the landlord must reduce the rent by 20%.

With so many families struggling during the pandemic, they are hoping landlords will work with their renters to make things easier for those renters.

If a landlord doesn't want to participate, the renter can still apply and if they qualify they can receive 25% of their rent paid directly to them. There is no cap and applications open up March 1st.

“This will lift a huge burden off the shoulders of many Anaheim families,” Mayor Harry Sidhu said, according to City News Service. “We’ve helped many already, but there is more need out there. By taking our federal and state funding and creating a locally administered rental assistance program, we’ll be able to quickly provide direct help to those who are hurting, both renters and landlords.”

Anaheim helped 735 families with up to $2,100 in assistance in the first phase of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, approved by the City Council in May 2020 as part of the $36 million Anaheim Community and Economic Recovery Plan.

Applications will open on March 1, 2021, and will be due by March 31, 2021. For more information and to apply, visit

Residents who need extra assistance can call the city hotline at (714) 765-4300, ext. 4890.

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