Beverly Hills esthetician, salon owner arrested for Capitol insurrection


A Beverly Hills-based esthetician and salon owner has been arrested in connection with storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Gina Bisignano, 52, owner of Gina’s Eyelashes and Skincare, was taken into custody by the FBI at around 7:00 a.m. Tuesday at her apartment.

According to Bisignano herself, she traveled to Washington D.C., but “only remained inside (the Capitol) for a few minutes to catch her breath and document what was happening,” according to the Beverly Hills Courier.

The Courier obtained cell phone video that contrasts Bisignano's version of the day, and shows a woman who appears to be Bisignano holding a megaphone on the Capitol steps and yelling, “Everybody, we need gas masks, we need weapons. We need strong, angry patriots to help our boys, they don’t want to leave. We need protection.”

With the help of Beverly Hills police, the FBI also arrested 37-year-old John Strand and 55-year-old Simone Gold on Monday.

Among the numerous arrests following the insurrection at the Capitol, former USC swimmer and two-time Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller was taken into custody.

One of the rioters, a woman from San Diego, was shot and killed by Capitol police, and two others died of medical emergencies.

Capitol police officer Brian D. Sicknick was injured “while physically engaging with protesters" during the riot and later died from his injuries.

“Trump said, patriots, go to D.C.,” Bisignano told the Courier. “If enough patriots got together to rightfully assemble and put pressure, chant and cheer like we do, they would think, ‘Okay, we the people—we the people are speaking.’”