PHOTO: Chinese restaurant shares hilarious ‘extremely honest’ menu


This restaurant wants to make sure its menu is completely honest.

A Chinese restaurant in Canada is gaining the attention of many for its “extremely honest” menu descriptions, Today reported.

Twitter user Kim Belair shared pictures of several of the descriptions from Aunt Dai’s menu, written by the restaurant owner.

“Aunt Dai is my favourite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, but the REAL treat is the menu, featuring extremely honest commentary from the owner,” Belair captioned the photos.

The dishes Belair included in her tweet were the Orange Beef, which says it is apparently “not THAT good” compared to the restaurant’s General Tao Chicken and the Sweet and Spicy pork strips. However, the owner is “not a huge fan” because it’s different than the version he ate when attending university in China.

It gets better. The tweet featured the descriptions for the Satay sauce beef, which the owner “did NOT have a chance to try.” The owner did say that the Cumin Beef is “very tasty.”

While Belair posted the tweet over the weekend, the tweet has received over 11,000 retweets and has been liked more than 72,000 times.

Feigang Fei, the restaurant’s owner, said the tweet has caused more customers to visit the restaurant.

“It’s very, very good for our business,” Fei said.

Fei wanted to write the menu descriptions like this because he said customers are not sure about the traditional Chinese foods on the menu.

“The whole idea is just to let people know what they’re ordering,” Fei said. “A lot of people found it very funny [and] very helpful. I was so encouraged by them. I didn’t think I needed to write comments for each item, but I was encouraged by them, their comments and their feedback, so I finished all of them.”

Fei said the restaurant wants to be “very honest, very true to ourselves and our customers.”

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