Dunkin’ is testing pre-made salads in portable jars at select locations


Dunkin’ may be known for its donuts, but the company has been sometimes known to sell healthier products as well.

The famous coffee chain will be testing out new, healthy lunchtime foods at six locations, Delish reported.

Dunkin’ will sell salads at select locations across the nation. The salads will be made by the Chicago-based company Farmer’s Fridge and sold in portable jars.

Six locations, both in Chicago, Illinois and in New Jersey, will test-sell the salads along with healthy food options and grain bowls from Farmer’s Fridge. For a three-month trial, the company will make the food and deliver it to the select locations for the three-month trial. The test will figure out if frequent customers will choose to buy the salads.

Farmer’s Fridge’s mission is to “make fresh, healthy food as accessible as a candy bar,” founder and CEO Luke Saunders said. “If we can figure out how to put this in every Dunkin’ we would absolutely do that.”

This isn’t the first time Dunkin’ has teamed up with a different company to provide new products to its customers.

In November, Dunkin’ teamed up with Homesick candles to create two candles that were perfect for the holiday season.

The first scent is “Original Blend,” inspired by the chain’s signature coffee. It’s said to have notes of espresso bean, cold-brewed coffee, caramel, vanilla extract, cocoa chips, sugar cane, and crème.

The second is “Old Fashioned,” just like the classic doughnut. It’s scented with cinnamon sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, oven-baked donut, clove, and sugar cane.

The candles, which come in an adorable orange and pink branded Dunkin’ box, retail for $34 on the Homesick website.

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