Fauci opens up about his Zoom Christmas plans: 'It's better than nothing'

By 94.7 The WAVE

Dr. Anthony Fauci is setting an example for other Americans this Christmas by foregoing in-person activities with his family.

In a conversation with 94.7 The Wave's Maggie McKay, Fauci opened up about his plans for both Christmas and his birthday, which falls on Christmas Eve. "It's going to be somewhat modified," Fauci says.

"This will be the first Christmas and birthday that I did not spend with my daughters. They live in different parts of the country...and we are telling the rest of the country that we should curtail, to the extent possible, travel," Fauci continues.

He adds, "So if I'm telling the rest of the country to do that, I think we have to show an example in my own family." He even noted that they would be setting up a normal dinner - just with everyone present on Zoom. "It isn't the perfect solution, but it's better than nothing," he says.

Additionally, Fauci spoke about being "enthusiastic" about the approved vaccine options, which will be rolled out to nursing homes and healthcare workers beginning next week.

"I'm actually a bit more than cautiously optimistic. I'm actually really quite enthusiastic. The fact that we now have vaccines that we will very soon, within a week or two, be putting the vaccine into people - a vaccine that has been shown to be extraordinarily efficacious," he says.

To those who are cautious about a new vaccine, Fauci says, "The process of determination of whether a vaccine is safe and effective is a completely independent and transparent process."

And although the pandemic has been draining on many, Fauci couldn't help but note the good things that have come despite the perils of 2020.

"It's really a demonstration of the extraordinary bravery and commitment of our healthcare providers who really put themselves on the line every single day risking their own lives and their health and that of their family to take care of people. That really is something very special," Fauci says.

There's light at the end of the tunnel for those who are still drowning in coronavirus pandemic sorrows. "We're not helpless," Fauci says with hope. "If we just did the simple things, we could turn it around...It's not beyond our capability of turning it around."

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