POLL: What is the correct way to pronounce the word 'pecan?'

By 98.7 KLUV

We're in the middle of one of the most divisive debates in American history: What is the correct way to pronounce the word "pecan?"

The American Pecan Council created a survey to finally find out if it's "PEA-can" or "puh-CON" and the verdict may surprise you.

The results are in and we definitely have a clear winner. No need for a recount.

According to the verified results, 65.94% of people voted for "puh-CON," while 34.06% voted for "PEA-can."

For further proof, "puh-CON" also won the popular vote by getting 237,839 votes vs. 122,855 votes for "PEA-can." It's a landslide!

The American Pecan Council saw somewhat similar results on its Twitter poll, as once again "puh-CON" was the clear favorite. This is a mandate!

So are you Team PEA-can or Team puh-CON?

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