LAX is one of first major airports in US to use enhanced international arrival process


The international arrival process at LAX will now be much faster thanks to some new biometric facial comparison technology.

LAX is one of the first major airports in the country to use an enhanced international arrival process.

Travelers can now pause for a photo at the US Customs and Border Protection inspection area and in seconds, that new image will be compared with photos already provided to the government for a passport or visa.

The technology is also being deployed at Global Entry kiosks.

LaFonda Sutton-Burke, CBP’s port director at LAX, says "Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, these innovations will make the travelers' experiences touchless, fast, efficient and secure."

Diane Sabatino, with the Office of Field Operations for Customs & Border Protection, says "Since September 2018 with the initial deployment of the facial comparison technology, we have apprehended almost 300 imposters trying to arrive to our ports of entry. So in addition to the streamlined enhanced passenger experience and the touchless process, we have added another layer of security as well."

People don’t have to use the system.

They can request a manual document check instead.