School bans parents from throwing their kids over 6-foot fence when running late

Please don’t hurl your children over the school fence!

A school in France has had to stop parents from throwing their kids over a 6-foot fence when running late by issuing a formal ban on the problematic activity, reported the New York Post.

Sanaa Meziane, principal at Trillade school in Avignon, put up signs banning the practice after catching several moms and dads catapulting their kids over the closed gate when arriving after 8:30 am.

While no one had reported getting injured, she believed it was only a matter of time.

“It hasn’t happened that many times, but as little as it happened, we preferred to get ahead of it,” Meziane told the French outlet La Provence.

The sign features an image of an adult throwing a child over a fence with the warning, “Attention Danger.”

Written in French, the sign's message translates in English to, “I do not throw my children over the gate,” according to the Post.

Instead of risking injury to their loved ones, parents are advised to return at 10am or 3pm when the gates are reopened.

Meanwhile in the United States, more and more reopened schools are returning to virtual learning as COVID cases continue to spike.

School districts from Maryland to Iowa have been either transitioning to full-time online learning or a hybrid version, which alternates with in-person class days, reported NBC News.

In Philadelphia, schools have delayed plans to any form of in-classroom teaching until at least the end of November.

"It continues to be our goal to transition to hybrid learning; but we remain committed to doing so only when guidance says it is safe to do so,” Philadelphia Chief of Schools Evelyn Nunez wrote in a letter, according to the outlet.

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