Tens of thousands of SoCal Edison customers have been advised power might be interrupted to minimize risk of brush fires - Find out if you are impacted


Tens of thousands of Southern California Edison customers have been advised that their power might have to be interrupted in order to minimize the risk of ignition of brush fires.

Santa Ana Wind conditions will be continuing for at least the next several days and for Southern California Edison Customers, public safety power shut downs have either happened or could happen in specific areas.

VIEW IMPACTED AREAS MAP:  https://www.sce.com/wildfire/psps

At least 102,000 of SCE’s five million customers in LA, Orange, San Bernardino, Ventura and Riverside Counties have gotten a 48-hour warning of a possible Public Safety Power Shutdown.

Reggie Kumar, with Edison, says that for those customers that have gotten the warning that now is the time to prepare an outage plan with supplies ready to go.

"Make sure that you put food and water together, some important documents, if you need to, and have an emergency bag near your door if you need to take it to leave right away," he says.

If the power does go off, even if the winds die down, Kumar says restoring power may take several hours because if needed crews will do a visual inspection of lines in the affected area to ensure there are no problems before they re-energize the circuits.