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Listen to 94/7 Too, an alternative radio station based out of Portland. LISTEN LIVE at work or while you surf. 24/7 for FREE on RADIO.COM.

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  • Played at 12:32 pm UTC
    Starting Over (Bad Habits)
    Typhoon (Portland)
  • Played at 12:29 pm UTC
    Teardrop Windows
    Benjamin Gibbard (Seattle)
  • Played at 12:26 pm UTC
    I Don't Know
    Samm (Portland)
  • Played at 12:23 pm UTC
    Anya Marina & Courtney Taylor Taylor (Portland)
  • Played at 12:19 pm UTC
    Throw Me The Statue (Seattle)
  • Played at 12:16 pm UTC
    Being Jesus Again
    Rob Stroup (Portland)
  • Played at 12:11 pm UTC
    Hey Indie Girl
    Sweet Diss And The Comebacks (Vancouver)
  • Played at 12:09 pm UTC
    Let Me Teach You How To Hold Chopsticks
    Pwrfl Power (Seattle)
  • Played at 12:05 pm UTC
    Ashleigh Flynn (Portland)
  • Played at 12:02 pm UTC
    Winchester Mansion
    Soft Tags (Portland)
  • Played at 11:57 am UTC
    The Minus 5
    The Minus 5 (Portland)
  • Played at 11:53 am UTC
    Death 2 Celebrity
    Black Mercies (Portland)
  • Played at 11:49 am UTC
    Carrie Akre (Seattle)
  • Played at 11:45 am UTC
    Go On, Say It
    Blind Pilot (Portland)
  • Played at 11:41 am UTC
    Last Night On Earth
    Hemlock Lane (Eugene)
  • Played at 11:38 am UTC
    Puppies N Kittens
    Sam Squared (Seattle)
  • Played at 11:35 am UTC
    We Are So Fragile
    Parasols (Portland)
  • Played at 11:31 am UTC
    Bride Of Yesterday
    Silverstar (Portland)
  • Played at 11:28 am UTC
    You Go Away
    Boom City (Seattle)
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