Andy Reid: 'I loved my time in Philly'

By SportsRadio 94WIP
One week before Andy Reid Appreciation Day on 94WIP and 10 days before his team takes part in Super LIV, Big Red joined Jon Marks and Ike Reese on Thursday's Marks & Reese Show. 

"Get some cheesesteaks, get 'em ready!" Reid said when he heard about Andy Reid Appreciation Day on 94WIP. 

Reid—who spent 14 years as the Eagles head coach reaching five NFC Title games—talked about his time in Philly. 

"Well listen, I loved my time in Philadelphia," Reid said. "I mean I was there 14 years, that's a long time versus life. We had some great times. The support was phenomenal, always phenomenal, and I appreciated that. And I had great players. You got one sitting next to you, Jon. He (Ike Reese) was one of my favorites. I told him back then and said, 'You'd be a great coach.' He said he wanted to do the media. So I don't know. He's a heck of a person. But I was blessed to be around guys like that every day and they brought great energy."

Reid was asked to tell an Ike Reese story and talked about the time Reese, who was with the Falcons at the time, started a pre-game fight with the Eagles in 2005. 

"He did do a little Benedict Arnold when we went to the Atlanta Falcons and then he started a fight with us. And then he got Trotter thrown out of the game! It was a mess," Reid said. "There are a ton of great stories. He was a Pro Bowl player and a special teams player on top of that, that takes a special character to do that." 

Reid talked about heading to the Super Bowl the second time around and learning from his experience with the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX. 

"You think you are going to play a game, but it's bigger than that," Reid explained. "You gotta make sure everybody is on the same page and you come out of the tunnel at the right time. You get to that spot at the right time. It's a lot about the show, when the players and coaches are ready to play this game. That's what you're doing, but you have to be able to manage that a little bit. But you learn those things by experiencing them." 

Of course, the Eagles are fresh off their Super Bowl LII victory over the Patriots. Reid loved watching his former organization win it all. 

"I was so proud of Doug (Pederson) and the job that he did and then the organization and Jeffrey (Lurie) and Howie (Roseman), and all of the hard work that went into that year for them," Reid said. "And then the players, some of those guys were my guys when I was there. Just for them to have that opportunity. And then how about the city? The city, they're so passionate about football in Philadelphia. The city got to enjoy that, that parade with the players embracing everybody, it was really a nice thing."

Was it bittersweet at all?

"Jon, that's not how I roll," said Reid. "I'm all-in. If it's for my guys or my city I lived in there, I want the best." 

When asked about current Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, who was an assistant of Reid's, Reid had high praise. 

"You know him, you know how organized he is," Reid said of Pederson. "He is brilliant offensively and he's a good person. He's gonna handle things the right way. There's some unique things that you deal with the Eagles and in Philadelphia itself, and the passion of the people, and you gotta be wired the right way for that. I think, and I still believe this, Doug is the right guy for that job and to handle all of those things. You can see by how his team played this year, with the injuries they had, how they competed and having an opportunity to get themselves into the playoffs. It's a real tribute to him and the way his staff and the organization supported him."

Throughout his tenure as an NFL coach, now in his 21st season, Reid has continued to reinvent the wheel on offense, having success for multiple decades now. 

"I've got the players to do that, offensive line and the skill positions," Reid said of his offense in Kansas City. "We've always exploited the players' strengths and try to play to those and get them better at the things they need to work on. That's the way we go about it. I've had two quarterbacks here who have great aptitude for the sport and they can handle a lot of the things we ask of them. The college game is no more wide open than it is right now and those kids are coming into the league, they know how to throw the football and so that's great for this league. And you're getting this influx of young quarterbacks that are special, and you guys have one right there in Philadelphia and that's great for the sport." 

Now 61 years old, the future Hall Of Famer doesn't sound like he's ready to call it quits anytime soon. 

"Ike I love doing what I do," Reid said. "Just like you do with your show here and Jon does. I love coming to work. The only time I get a little nervous is when I look in the mirror. That's the only time, I am getting old. In my heart, in my mind, I still feel like I'm a young guy. I'm having a great time doing it, and like I said, I love what I do." 

Marks had to sneak in a question about Reese and how he would fare in today's NFL. 

"He would be great because the linebackers can run and they're not real big guys," Reid said of Reese playing in 2020. "They're slender, smaller, faster guys. Ike is small. He has a big head and a small waist, but he would be very good in today's football." 

Before he said goodbye, Reese wished Reid good luck on behalf of the city of Philadelphia and all of Reid's former players. 

"Hey listen, give the best from my family to you and yours, Tammy the kids, everybody man," Reese said. "For everybody out here in Philadelphia, all of your former players and everyone else, we are happy for you and we are pulling for you coming up Super Bowl Sunday."

"Man, I love Ike Reese," Reid replied. 

You can listen to the full interview below.