Phillies potential new salaries if MLB returns

By SportsRadio 94WIP

On Tuesday, the MLB made their first proposal to the MLBPA on what player salaries might look like in a pandemic-shortened 2020 season.

The owners offered a "sliding-scale" salary structure, where the biggest stars take the largest pay-cut while lower-salaried players make a larger percentage of their expected wages. The owners offered a cut of playoff revenue as well if postseason games are played.

The players met this proposal with outrage and it is easy to see why. The highest earners like Mike Trout and Bryce Harper would take nearly a 75% pay-cut.

94WIP Evening Show host Joe Giglio mapped out what the Philadelphia Phillies payroll might look like under this pay structure:

Phillies players salaries (full year vs. yesterday’s plan):Harper: $27.5M to $6.5MWheeler: $21.5M to $5.3MArrieta: $20M to $5.15MMcCutchen: $17M to $4.5MSegura: $14.8M to $4MBruce: $14M to $3.8MGregorius: $14M to $3.8MRealmuto: $10M to $2.9MNola: $8.5M to $2.5M

— Joe Giglio (@JoeGiglioSports) May 27, 2020

Harper, the team's highest paid player, would earn just 23% of his full season salary while JT Realmuto, who will become a free agent after this season, would earn just shy of 30%.

Players in general are weary about returning to play for a variety of reasons. Zack Wheeler voiced his concern about leaving his pregnant wife, while Bryce Harper backed up Blake Snell's comments about players getting paid.

While the players will reject this plan, it is still just the first proposal in a tense and important week of negotiations between the two sides.