Andrew McCutchen upset with Marlins


With 56 games to go and 55 days remaining in the regular season, the Philadelphia Phillies are facing an uphill battle after they were sidelined for a week following the Miami Marlins coronavirus outbreak. The team took proper precautions throughout Summer Camp and into the season, but the few Marlins players who defied protocols caused a ripple effect that impacted the Phillies for the remainder of the season. 

"I was upset at everything that has transpired," said Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen on The Athletic's Starkville Podcast. "Whoever decided to step out or not follow the health and safety protocol, that upset me."
When Marlins CEO Derek Jeter spoke to the media on Monday, he admitted that, "A couple of individuals left the hotel," apparently for milk and coffee. Regardless, the Marlins players got careless on the road, and McCutchen voiced his frustration about it.
"What made me angry was we, the Phillies, had to pay for that," McCutchen said. "We did what we needed to do. We followed the health and safety protocol. We felt that was important and understood that's what we needed to do to be able to play this game. We did everything right and we paid for it, and that was upsetting. I'm sitting here at home watching 28 other teams play and we are sitting at home -- all negative by the way -- and we have to watch this happen while we did nothing wrong. For me, that was very upsetting that we did everything right and were still the ones paying for it."

Jeter defends Marlins players, says they just let their guard down in Atlanta and weren’t running around. A few left the hotel but just for a milk, a coffee and in one case a dinner at a house. They didn’t do a good job of social distancing but they weren’t out carousing, he says

— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) August 4, 2020

Jeter fought the notion that the Marlins were the lone team making the decision to play last Sunday's game, when the Marlins had reported three postivie coronavirus cases.

"Everyone is notified," Jeter said. "Major League Baseball is notified, the Phillies are notified, the Marlins are notified, and we went out and played the game. We followed what the rules and regulations that were in place. It's not like any organization independently decided to go out and play."

While the decision to play may have been collective, the decision to follow guidelines comes down to the individual players.

"We really have to be on the same page with this whole thing," said McCutchen. "As we can see, all it takes is one person to really make things difficult with this season."