Zolecki: "My feeling is Phillies will be back Monday"

By SportsRadio 94WIP

All eyes have been on the Phillies this week as fans and the MLB await daily coronavirus tests from the Phillies camp. On Friday afternoon, the Phillies received good news that no new players tested positive.

"My feeling is they will get back on the field Monday," said Todd Zolecki on Marks & Reese on Friday afternoon. "They are continuing to get tested everyday. They drove back to the ballpark again today and were given these saliva tests. No new positives today, if they get no new positives tomorrow and it stays that way where it's just the coach and two clubhouse attendents, I've got to think that they will play Monday. From a competitive point of view for the Phillies, I mean you have pitchers like Jake Arrieta and Zach Eflin that haven't pitched yet. They are trying to get off a mound and throw and guys are trying to stay sharp hitting wise. Then you go out Monday and face the Yankees, it's not exactly going to be easy for them."


— Philadelphia Phillies (@Phillies) July 31, 2020

The Phillies postponed their weekend series against the Blue Jays on Thursday after a coach and two clubhouse attendents tested positive for COVID-19. For precautionary measures, the Phillies players are isolating themselves until Monday. On Friday, the Cardinals and Brewers game was postponed after a positive coronavirus test.

"I think there is a lot of trying to figure it out as they go," continued Zolecki. "I get the league has been criticized and there is a lot confusion going on. I do think it's because this has never been done before so they are trying to figure it out as they go. I think the reason why the Phillies are in a bad spot is because... if the Marlins had left town on Sunday and been fine and the coach and two clubhouse attendants had tested postive, I think they would have been playing these games. But because there is such a huge number with the Marlins, there is a concern of ok, the last thing we want to do is send a team that potentially could have an outbreak, the Phillies, and have them play another team, the Yankees, and now the Yankees are infected."

The Phillies next scheduled game is on Tuesday, August 4th against the Marlins