Jason Avant explains how to unlock Arcega-Whiteside


One of the Eagles' biggest question marks from a personnel standpoint is JJ Arcega-Whiteside. The Eagles' 2019 second round draft pick is coming off a dissappointing rookie season, totaling just 10 receptions in 486 snaps. 

It's going to take a lot for Arcega-Whiteside to rebound in his second season, but the Eagles may have hired the right man for the job. On Friday morning, Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team spoke with the Eagles' newest coach, former Eagle Jason Avant, about how he will help JJAW rebound in 2020.

"The things I would suggest to JJ are we have to deal in route tech a bunch," said Avant. "When you are a bigger guy, you have to be efficient. JJ can run a bit, he's not as slow as I was, he is in the high 4.4s. When you have a bigger body like that, you just have to be efficient, stopping that body is different. There are some things that I won't get into specifically but there are things like when it comes to stopping, there are some cheats to it and some angles, understanding how to use your leverage and bump people off. Just like the fine tuning aspects that he hasnt done."

The Eagles announced on Wednesday that Avant was joining the team as a coach during training camp under the Bill Walsh NFL Diversity Fellowship program. In a statement via the team's website, Avant described the technical aspects of the receiving game as his biggest strengths during his career. "I wasn't the fastest receiver. I wasn't the biggest guy. I was able to get open by getting off the line of scrimmage and being precise."

That seems to be the key for JJAW in advancing his play in year two.

"In college, he was faster than everyone, he was bigger than anyone so he was permited some advantages. In the pros, you have to be a little bit more techincal when you are his body type. That's my goal is try to make all of these guys as techincal as possible so therefore, when they are getting open, they don't have to rely on speed, which is going to create more seperation. When you add that speed, it's easy to establish."

Avant will also work with former teammate Desean Jackson and Jalen Reagor, the son of a former teammate Montae Reagor. He was asked about his thoughts on this year's wide receiver group:

"They are talented. We don't know the full scope yet. I'm one of those coaches where I get excited about some of their ability... They are extremely quick and extremely fast. It's a lot of talent for Carson to work with."