Explaining Rich Scangarello's role with Eagles


When word leaked earlier this week that Press Taylor was going to be promoted to the Eagles’ passing-game coordinator, and they would not be hiring an offensive coordinator, the reaction from the majority of the fans was not a good one. 

Many wanted a new voice. Some wanted Duce Staley. Few were excited about Taylor. 

As the days have passed, however, the Eagles’ plan for their 2020 coaching staff has become more-and-more clear — and it is in many ways exactly what many fans wanted. 

Although the hiring of Taylor was reported first, it is now clear that the hiring of Rich Scangarello is the one fans should be focused on. He is the veteran, new-idea coach many wanted. It also sounds like he is essentially going to be the offensive coordinator, without the title. 

In a recent article, the Eagles’ official insider Dave Spadaro gave a breakdown of how this new coaching staff will work, and essentially gave a power ranking in the process: 
Here is how it has worked for the Eagles in the past, in terms of preparing the game plan: Taylor has put together the red zone package, the wide receivers coach has put together the third-down plays, tight ends coach Justin Peelle has his hand in short-yardage and goal line, assistant head coach/running backs coach Duce Staley designs the quarterback movement plays and screens, offensive line coach/run game coordinator Jeff Stoutland handles the run game, and will get some assistance from T.J. Paganetti, the assistant run game coordinator/assistant running backs coach – and then everything funnels through the coordinator. In this scenario, all of those packages funnel through Scangarello and then, ultimately, funnel through Pederson.

Last year, according to this breakdown on the team's website, all of the assistant coaches funneled their work through Mike Groh to Doug Pederson. This year, that work will funnel through Scangarello. That is important, as it paints a pretty clear picture of Scangarello as the No. 2 in command, not Taylor — a different power structure than was initially thought to be the case. It seems like it will be Scangarello who is Pederson's new-idea man, serving as the sounding board that Frank Reich did when he was offensive coordinator, and being the same kind of resource during games. 

This power structure make a lot of sense, as it gives Taylor more power, but not the huge leap in responsibility that many thought initially. It also allows Taylor to continue to work with Carson Wentz, something that the quarterback likely wanted. 

Whether Scangarello is the right hire remains to be seen, but there is reason to believe he is. Scangarello has a unique offensive background, working with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco and spending last year in Denver. He should be able to bring those experiences and turn them into some fresh ideas for this offense, something that was at the top of nearly every fan’s wishlist for an offensive coordinator, and something this offense has clearly needed over the last two seasons. 

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