Brian Dawkins explains why Jamal Adams is 'special'

By SportsRadio 94WIP
The Eagles are reportedly one of the seven NFL teams that safety Jamal Adams would welcome a trade to. Former Eagles Hall Of Fame safety, Brian Dawkins -- who has a relationship with Adams -- talked about why the two-time Pro Bowler is so special. 

"This dude is so special that he can be here at a linebacker position, he can slide out to the slot, he can go back to the deep midde, he can go to deep half," Dawkins said of Adams on Wednesday's 94WIP Marks & Reese Show.

"He can do all of those things. I believe that Jamal is one of those guys and he is a leader. He is a leader of men, not just by words, his actions. How he goes and plays the game, how he practices, how he plays the game, the violence that he plays the game with."

Dawkins referenced this play Adams made against the Giants, where he literally rips the ball out of Daniel Jones' hands. 

"Getting a sack is not good enough," Dawkins said, explaining the message he gave Adams. "If you beat your guy quick and the quarterback still has the ball, getting a sack is not good enough. The ball is what you want."

Reese, Dawkins' former teammate, talked earlier this week about why the Eagles should not spend a ton to acquire Adams, who would then command a monstrous new contract. 

"That's different now," Dawkins admitted, when asked if the Eagles should trade for him. "If you're drafting that dude and he's your cat, that's what you would want. When you start talking about giving up three and four first-rounders, that's a different conversation. It really is."