Dawkins reacts to being voted 4th best Philly athlete

By SportsRadio 94WIP

Weapon X joined Jon Marks and his former Eagles teammate Ike Reese on Wednesday's Marks & Reese Show to discuss the ranking. 

"Wow, wow. I mean… I've said this before and I will continue to say it, I look at these times of awards and circumstances, I look at it through the eyes of myself when I was little as a preteen or teenager," Dawkins said. "That blows me away.

"From all the people that have played in the city of Philadelphia. We are talking about some fabulous athletes that did spectacular things in the world of sports and in their communities. To know that I rank up there in the conversation, and you tell me I'm number four… That is a truly humbling thing for me. Im excited about it, but its very humbling.

"The way I approached the game of football, I just wanted to give everything I had to the last of me. I tried to do everything I could in a way that is representative of my family, the god I serve, and my teammates. I didn’t want them to worry about anything other than me being on the field. You don’t have to worry about that, because I'm going to do everything that I could. I really wanted to represented myself in such a way as to be counted on, that you could always count on me to do everything I can and to give you everything that I have, not just what I had left. You would never have to worry about me being in the paper for the wrong reasons because I was not just representing my teammates and fans, I was representing my family. It is a tremendous and humbling thing to know that within the last 50 years, people see me as the number four athlete to have played in Philadelphia."

Coming in ahead Dawkins is Eagles defensive lineman Reggie White at No. 3. Number one and two will be announced on Thursday (June 25th) morning, with Allen Iverson and Mike Schmidt as the remaining athletes.