NFL insider: Wentz's injury history played role in Hurts pick

By SportsRadio 94WIP

There have been a lot of theories and conjecture about why the Eagles selected Jalen Hurts with No. 53 overall pick this week.

NFL insider Adam Caplan says he knows, for a fact, that Carson Wentz's injury history played a role. 

"I don't think there's any question, they could deny it but I know it's a fact, Carson's injury history is a part of this," Caplan told Jon Marks and Ike Reese on 94WIP. "What if (Jadaveon) Clowney doesn't knock him out of the game with a cheap shot? Are we talking about them drafting Jalen Hurts in the second round? Think about that.

"If you think at the span of injuries over his career and not being there to finish the season, I think that's part of it. In fact, I know it is. I've been told throughout this week, insurance policy with a ton of upside is what they're looking for."

Caplan said he was told the Eagles do not want a "revolving door" at the backup quarterback position. 

"This is the way it was explained to me by people close to the situation," Caplan said on Thursday. "Again, they don't want that revolving door of keep bringing quarterbacks in to be the number two quarterback. Still, getting him up to speed to be the number two is gonna be difficult because of what's happening right now. Overall with Hurts there's so much upside with this player. 

"What happens is you go with a plan to bring a quarterback up to speed, you never know what happens when you get there."

Eagles GM Howie Roseman joined 94WIP twice this week and discussed the Hurts pick, among other topics. Roseman assured the Eagles are not looking to replace Wentz, but did admit injuries to Eagles starting quarterbacks in the past played a role in the Hurts selection. 

"We're talking about being strong at that (quarterback) position," Roseman explained. "You look at a couple of teams last year where their quarterbacks went down and it kind of ruined their season. Everyone always complains about hedging or buying insurance until they need it, and I get that. But when you also look at the history and, really to be fair, our history about taking quarterbacks later in the draft there's not a great success rate at that."