'Thank God it's finally over': Carson Wentz trade evokes strong reactions and opinions from NFL Twitter


The Carson Wentz rumors swirled for weeks and weeks. And then they reached a pinnacle, with a move coming within a matter of days. And after that matter of days had ended with little movement, it was back to calm.

Thursday morning represented the end of that calm. When you least expected it... BOOM. An atomic bomb of a push notification sprung up on phone screens and Twitter newsfeeds across the country. Carson Wentz was gone. The Eagles had moved on. Indianapolis had their new quarterback.

And if all of the endless speculation on Twitter ever since Wentz's 2020 season came to an end — or even before that, when he was benched and Jalen Hurts took over — you know that Twitter was going to be absolutely rocking by the time the trade had come to fruition. Social media didn't disappoint. Takes and opinions from all across the board found their way, with analysts, players, and fans weighing in with pretty much every mindset you could possibly have in immediate hindsight to the deal.

Those that came out of the City of Brotherly Love weren't all that mad, surprised or anguished by the news.

Current and former NFL players (including his new teammates) showed excitement for Wentz, as he gets to continue his career with a fresh slate and with a coach under whom he's had success before.

As of now, current Eagles have been quiet on Twitter, but we're excited to hear reactions and testaments from all of them soon enough.

Oh, and there were more than a few memes out there. Here's the one that most properly captured my sentiment as an Eagles fan.

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