Darius Slay on his role: "I'm a team first guy"


It's no secret the Eagles defense has been disappointing this season. The two bright spots, however, have been Brandon Graham and new cornerback Darius Slay. For the first time since his rookie season however, he doesn't have an interception through the first 10 weeks of the season.

Slay joined Marks & Reese and was asked if Jim Schwartz and the defense were catering to his strength as a player and his evolving role.

"I'm a team first guy," said the Eagles cornerback on Tuesday afternoon. "Whatever the coach needs me to do I try to do it the best that I can and to the best of my ability."

"The coaches know me as a player, know what I'm great at, know what I'm ok at or bad at because they do the scouting, and I know myself. I've always told everyone since I was in Detroit, I am a team first guy. I want to be in the hardest position possible. Whatever it is for everyone else's job to be done and be easy for them, I will do it. If guys need to do this or that, I will adjust to it because I am a team player."

"Coach is putting the whole defense in a great position to win. It's never an individual thing. He always is looking out for the whole defense."

Slay caught some criticism after Darius Slayton caught a 40-yard pass that put the Giants in field goal range. He address that play and also why he thinks the big plays aren't coming as often this season as they used to:

"Honestly,  I don't get targeted much, in my opinion, to make a lot of plays. That's the hard part about being a consistent corner, the fact that you cannot relax. For example, last week, I played almost three and a half quarters of solid game, and one play there it is, now I feel like I had a bad game. That was the only real ball caught on me. That's the kind of play I usually step up and make, because that's why my name is Big Play."

Slay though has faith that those plays will resurface sooner rather than later.

"They will come. I'm a believer."