Garafolo: Hurts big factor in Wentz's bad performance


It's still a question mark as to where the Eagles and Carson Wentz relationship went wrong.

More information was revealed on that subject by NFL Network's Mike Garafolo following the Wentz trade to Indianapolis:

"We started to get the sense that the Eagles, despite not getting a formal trade request from Carson Wentz and his camp and also not getting a threat from Wentz, saying if you don't trade me, I'm not showing up this year - they didn't need that.

"They had conversations with him in exit interviews and before that where they understood he wasn't happy dating back to when they took Jalen Hurts last year. I really do believe, and a lot of folks there believe, that the presence of Jalen Hurts was a big factor for Carson Wentz in why he did not play well.

"This is a guy that is known to put a lot of pressure on himself, bear down, grit his teeth and fight his way through things. Seeing Jalen Hurts there probably made him work even harder, press even harder and the results weren't there. Combined with the fact that once again the Eagles suffered a rash of injuries, there were issues with the coaching staff and communication and all these things.
Take it to the offseason, Wentz made it clear he wanted a restart. The Eagles saw Jalen Hurts and what he did, the fact that he won a lot of guys over in that locker room."