What did Howard Eskin get wrong? 'I've been mostly right'

By SportsRadio 94WIP
Welcome to SportsRadio94WIP's page for Judgment Week, where we will find out who we were wrong about and ultimately revisit five topics in Philadelphia sports with the benefit of hindsight. 
From Wednesday, July 8th to Wednesday, July 15th we asked you to submit someone or something that we were wrong about. 
From Monday, July 20th to Friday, July 24th we will spend each day judging, discussing, and debating one of the five most submitted topics that we were wrong about. 


I’ve had many thoughts of the players, managers, and coaches that I may have been wrong about for Judgment week on SportsRadio94WIP.
I know the players that come to mind I’ve been correct on. Andre Iguodala I always did like as a player. I think the fans and some hosts expected too much because he was a first round pick and he would have stayed here if the GM at the time, Billy King, had offered him three million dollars more for the life of the contract. Obviously that didn’t happen.

We talk about Bobby Abreu, but I still believe I’m right on him because he didn’t have the heart to be a star. I know all about the numbers he put up, but he never wanted to be the player to carry the Phillies. He wouldn’t lead off when the team asked him too and never wanted to be at the plate late in a game with a runner on in a clutch situation. He would try to foul off a ball to try and walk.

Terrell Owens had to go. The Eagles couldn’t offer him a new deal when it was only one year into the contract. As good as he was, it would have never stopped. I know Donovan McNabb didn’t handle T.O. well, but the Eagles did the right thing.

So now that I told you that I was right in what I said about all these players, I will now tell you where I was wrong...and I’m not alone.

I was dead wrong about Chip Kelly as a head coach. After that first game, it was nuts. The Eagles went up and down the field against Washington and scored, it seemed, whenever they wanted to. That entire season was like that! I almost thought Chip Kelly was a genius. Then over the next couple of years I knew, and others as well, you couldn’t sustain that and the league caught up. Chip couldn’t and wouldn’t adjust. That was his failure. You need to adjust in sports. He may be a good college coach, but not in the NFL. I didn’t care about his lackluster personality if he found a way to win, but he wasn’t going to win here.

As far as Charlie Manuel, that’s a story for another day as well as many other players.

I will leave you with this: Many fans in this town criticized Mike Schmidt too much. The game was too easy for him. Fans took that the wrong way. He’s only the best third baseman in MLB history.

But it’s nice to know I’ve been right most of the time. And that’s my final answer.