Howard Eskin: Amaro Jr. best of the 4 'maligned' GMs

By SportsRadio 94WIP
It's Judgement Week on 94WIP and today is all about four former maligned front-office executives: Joe Banner, Ruben Amaro Jr., Billy King, and Ed Wade.
I really think former Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. was maligned and criticized way too much during his tenure as Phillies GM. Sportsradio94WIP beat him up too much. I think Ruben was the best of the four we are talking about. He was part of a World Series team and made many more good decisions than bad. The signings and lack of signing of players (Jayson Werth) were not his call.

Which maligned ex-GM did the best job in Philadelphia? #JudgmentWeek

— SPORTSRADIO 94WIP (@SportsRadioWIP) July 22, 2020

I think former Eagles CEO Joe Banner was much smarter than people gave him credit for. People complained mostly about him not re-signing Brian Dawkins. Actually, that decision was more on head coach Andy Reid. Joe Banner was right about not signing older players. Banner may have been tight with money, but that allowed Eagles to sign other players.

Ex-Phillies executive Ed Wade didn’t get credit when he was here, and in many cases Wade ended up being right. Wade was general manager when he drafted the core of that 2008 Phillies World Series team.
I think former 76ers general manager Billy King was the fourth best. Sorry Billy. He traded for Chris Webber when Webber was cooked. I know he said it was time when he traded Allen Iverson and that's understandable. Larry Brown was the person that was most responsible in shaping what was a very good team for years.

Sometimes it really is better when you look back.