The important quotes from Howie Roseman's presser

By SportsRadio 94WIP
Eagles EVP and GM Howie Roseman met with the media for the first time since before the 2019 season began on Tuesday morning, along with head coach Doug Pederson. Roseman made it clear he did not do a good enough job in 2019 and apologized to the fans.

Watch live as Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman meet with the media.

— Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) January 8, 2020


Here are the most important quotes from Roseman's press conference:

1. On injuries: "The last two years, the injuries have really hurt our football team...We have to figure out a way to get better here. Hope is not a strategy when it comes to injuries. We've hired a new chief medical officer."
2. On the 2019 season: "When you have a disappointing season it's not just on our players and coaches, it's on our front office. And I'm sorry to our fans."
3. On guaranteeing Alshon Jeffery's 2020 contract: "We had a conversation with Alshon before the season and he took a (pay) cut in exchange for guaranteeing. We were trying to create as much flexibility as possible going forward."
4. On drafting JJ Arcega-Whiteside over other WRs: "This offseason is really important for him. I don't think we saw the best of JJ. At the same token, there have been some successful WRs from this draft. We don't bury our head in the sand on that."
5. On the futures of Malcolm Jenkins and Jason Peters: "You need guys who have been through it. I think that you saw that for us...We haven't gotten into the evaluation of any of this. We haven't decided our plan going forward."
6. On offseason approach: "We've got to study everything. We do get a head start on that. One of the things again, is just having the opportunity to have a little bit more resources in terms of draft picks than we've had in the past."
7. On his own individual performance in 2019: "First of all, I wasn't good enough. We're not playing right now. That wasn't our goal, that wasn't our expectation. I will do a better job."
8. On getting faster and more explosive: "You're always looking to get faster, you're always looking to try to get more explosive. Nelson Agholor is one of the top 10 fastest WRs in the league. We felt like with him, adding DeSean, and Miles, our TEs. We felt like we had some speed on the field."
9. On getting younger: "It's a great lesson and you have to let young players. We have to allow these young players to grow and get some experience. We have to balance that."
10. On bringing back Darren Sproles: "What Darren did do for Miles and Boston, those guys for the rest of their careers will be affected by Darren."
11. On Malcolm Jenkins' comments: "What an incredible Eagle, what an incredible player, what an incredible person he is. We'll kind of keep those conversations between us.


Doug Pederson quotes:

1. On the Clowney hit: "When I saw it again on Monday, it's unfortunate. Listen, it's part of our game. It happens. It gets missed. I'm disappointed for Carson. I'm not gonna focus on the past. I'm not gonna dwell on one hit, one game."
2. On Wentz getting the same respect as other QBs: "All mobile QBs become runners. He was making a play. Again, it was unfortunate. I do think once they become runners, it becomes different. That's just the way the league is."
3. On Jim Schwartz interviewing with Cleveland: "I love the fact that guys around the league and teams around the league are looking to me staff for possible head coaching candidates. I think he would make a tremendous head coach again."
4. On Mike Groh and Carson Walch: "My hat goes off to both of those gentleman. For guys to basically come off our practice roster to be elevated to game status, that's not easy to do. And these two gentlemen did an outstanding job. Both will be back."