Judgment Week: 3 players Ike Reese got wrong

By SportsRadio 94WIP
Welcome to SportsRadio94WIP's page for Judgment Week, where we will find out who we were wrong about and ultimately revisit five topics in Philadelphia sports with the benefit of hindsight. 
From Wednesday, July 8th to Wednesday, July 15th we asked you to submit someone or something that we were wrong about. 
From Monday, July 20th to Friday, July 24th we will spend each day judging, discussing, and debating one of the five most submitted topics that we were wrong about.


Here are three players Ike Reese got wrong. 

Nelson Agholor: "With Nelson, I liked Nelson coming out of USC. So Nelson was one of the guys prior to the draft I was high on. I knew the Eagles needed a receiver with speed, elusiveness, and the ability to run after the catch. When the Eagles selected him (20th overall in 2015) I was excited and I was high on him, and I thought the Eagles drafted a number one receiver. The year they won the Super Bowl he was good, and very good in the Super Bowl. But then his next two years weren't very good and he was not justified as a first-round pick."
Evan Turner: "I was really high on E.T. The Sixers needed a perimeter player who could create his own shot and me being a Big Ten guy -- I watched Turner, really his whole career. So I thought, man the Sixers were finally gonna be in position to get a good perimeter player and I thought he would be the best player drafted since Allen Iverson.

I thought he'd be their missing piece to put with (Andre) Iguodala, Thad Young, and those guys. And I think if Doug Collins would have just put him at point guard from the beginning, not a two guard it may have worked better! But he's more of a role player than anything else."

Malcolm Jenkins: "This one I'm happy I was wrong about. Obviously, spending years trying to find an acceptable replacement for Brian Dawkins after he departed. I thought that free-agency year, I thought we'd have a great opportunity to do that. I was a Jairus Byrd guy, coming out of Buffalo. I thought he can be the playmaker that could fit in our defense. If it wouldn't be Byrd, I wanted T.J. Ward. Ward actually turned out to be a good player.

Malcolm Jenkins, I was not very high on, just because I thought he was a cornerback trying to make a transition to safety and I just thought he wasn't a physical player. To watch him play here during his career, I never imagined he would be the player that he was. I think Malcolm even surprised the Eagles with the type of player than he became. To me, he deserves to be in the Eagles Hall Of Fame. I don't know if we win the Super Bowl without Malcolm Jenkins. He turned into one of the best Eagles of all-time and I certainly didn't see that coming."