Dykstra vs. Cataldi, Didinger on 94WIP Morning Show


The 94WIP Morning Show was looking for players today, like Zack Wheeler, who played in New York and now play here—or vice versa. When the name Lenny Dykstra came up, Angelo Cataldi questioned his moral character and if he should be allowed on the contest list.

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So Dykstra, unprompted, took to Twitter and called into the show.

The 56-year-old former Phillie and Met went back and forth with Cataldi, who called Dykstra an "embarrasment" and a "con man."

Dykstra began his conversation by taking a shot at Ray Didinger—who was in-studio for his Thursday morning one-hour segment on the Morning Show—for Didinger's boring football analysis.

"He owes me $7,000," Didinger said after Dykstra's called ended. "I kind of wanted to know where my $7,000 is. I wrote two stories for his magazine, I never got paid for it."

Well...Dykstra called back!

"Who are you, Ray?" Dysktra said to Didinger. "You used to hang out by my locker and beg me for stories, I remember that. But Ray, I think you cover football. I don't think you know much about baseball either."

"You asked me to write two football stories...and I was promised $7,000 and I've never seen the money?" Didinger said.

"Do you have a signed document?" Dykstra said.